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HMO & Conversion

HMO (Houses of Multiple occupancy) and conversions requires all buildings with shared means of escape to ensure the risk to life is kept to a minimum.

What you need to know.

Assessments and Reporting

All buildings must have a Fire risk assessment carried and no d periodic testing digitally logged.

Shared Communal Area

All buildings must have clearly lit route of escape, with visible way-finding and appropriate fire detection installed, they must be serviced and maintained in accordance with the buildings requirement.

Fire Safety Arrangement

It is the responsibility of the ‘Accountable Person’ to ensure all fire safety arrangements are kept up to date, with periodic servicing and maintenance of all fire safety equipment and processes as per your buildings requirement.

What we offer.

Fire Risk assessments and management

Weekly Fire/Smoke alarm checks
Weekly Auto door - release checks
Quarterly fire door checks
Monthly emergency light testing
Weekly Automatic Opening Vent tests
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